Dirty BOTM



“I like being overwhelmed, I guess. There’s something about the idea of being tested and tormented—“

“Of surrendering.”

I didn’t speak.

“Compliance,” he said.

Yes. That word made me tremble.

When I started reading The Assignment by Jade A. Water (full disclosure, she and I are chummy,) I was no more than a few pages in before it occurred to me that folks who are dying for some superb erotica in a sea of terrible erotica would adore this.

The first thing that sets this apart is that Maya isn’t an ingénue. She’s a woman who enjoys casual sex and doesn’t treat this love like her dirty little secret. Her meeting with Dean is as simple as the two of them attending a backyard barbecue, then finding a spark and a common interest in kink. The Assignment starts as a slow burn, with Dean giving Maya a few – you guessed it – assignments. He doesn’t talk down to her, bully her, or go on and on about his prowess as a dom. From the start, she’s an equal partner in the kink they engage in.

“You don’t scream ‘submissive.’ You strike me as the type of woman who’d smack me for suggesting it.”

The Assignment is the first in a series from Carina Press, so there’s a lot more where this came from.

(I’ve got a few dirty books on my 2017 TBR, so the plan is to have a BOTM every month in the new year.)

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