I’ve been on vacation for a week now, though the actual vacation part of it starts on Monday when I go away this week. Last time I was on vacation I read a book a day. This week, not so much. I’ve been catching up a little.

First up, I took some of my free reads and loaded them into Amazon, so if you’ve got KU and you want to check out the smut, you can find them on my Amazon page. They’re also available for the bargain-basement price of $0.99.  Included is my favourite short, Snowjob, which first appeared in Going Down: Oral Sex Stories.


The other stories available are Off The Clock, which was one of my first appearances in an anthology, Windfall (which never appeared in print after a publisher went down the rabbit hole) and Ditto.

For the rest of the weekend, Red Handed is free. This story was a part of my rage-writing period of living in my last apartment, and is a spanking-themed series of novellas I’ve got planned over the next few months. (I’m still in the erotica game, albeit I’m moving at a much different pace.)

My latest release came out yesterday – Corrective Measures, which is Red Handed’s naughty sister. No rage in writing this one, but I’ve channeled all my frustration with trying to quit smoking into Daisy, who gets a tantalizng offer from Aiden to help her quit.



(Btw, Alison Tyler played no small part in inspiring me to write Corrective Measures and Red Handed with her own stories. If you’ve never read her stuff, I highly recommend checking out her indie titles. Her most recent best-seller is The Spanking House, which I have not read, but her Blushers was one of my dirty BOTM a while back and hoo boy. Don’t read unless alone and able to take care of business.

For those who want to try something a little different, I’ve got my historical YA up at — really pleased with the reader responses I’ve gotten to this one. Take your time reading. It’ll be 2017 at least before I decide what to do with this sucker in terms of ebook/print.

I did have a BOTM for July, but I’m holding off on posting until I get to August. I’ve got some stuff to say about going back to reading and reviewing, but it’s too stuffy and hot to think of anything further than my next glass of water.

Cheers for now!

My to-do list laughs at me

A work email someone sent to me ended with that phrase, which made me think about my own to-do list, which isn’t quite laughing at me yet, but it’s definitely starting to snicker at me.

I’ve got my YA novel, Shadows May Fall, which needs to be entirely posted this week because I have vacation next week and there is a beach chair with my name on it. Then I started mucking about with this:


I have another spanking story that needs editing for release, and I have another one to write.

Then I have to write a couple more niche stuff under my other pen name, because that shit pays like you wouldn’t believe.

Then I have a follow up to the YA, another forgotten novella I want to write …

My to-do lists have been very ambitious in the past, and that’s gotten me into trouble. So I started making micro to-do lists, which have been working out nicely as long as I don’t think of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is where I get exhausted. The bigger picture makes me want to take a nap and watch five hours of Seinfeld.

Which I do. And then I go back to my micro to-do list, because people actually want to read this stuff and tell me about it and that makes me happy:


BOTM June – Rage of Passion

51trSVVdX+L._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_So, technically this isn’t a dirty book. It’s a romance written in the 80s by Diana Palmer, and it’s old school romance at its best. Reading this really took me back to when I’d scoop up category romances in the used bookstore in the crappiest mall in town. I picked this one out after asking Jennifer of Romance Novel News for Diana Palmer recs. Next thing I knew, the recommendations were flying fast from Jennifer, Sybil of The Good, The Bad, and the Unread and Willa from Heroes & Heartbreakers. I was in the midst of a buddy read that included Diana, who wrote a much more eloquent review than I on Goodreads.

Back before damaged heroes were a thing, there were damaged heroines. Maggie is one of these — escaping an abusive marriage to a raging shitbag, along with her six year-old daughter. Good fortune brings her back to the ranch of her Godmother, and in the path of cowboy Gabe. Gabe is surly. Gabe is hairy. Gabe smokes like a chimney. Gabe is 100% All American Man.

Sensitive snowflakes wouldn’t like the way Gabe treats Maggie at the beginning of the book. He doesn’t want her at the ranch and bullies her. But, quickly, these two are on fire for one another. Again, special snowflakes wouldn’t like the fact that Gabe admits he had a thing for Maggie when she was sixteen (he’s 12-13 yrs older than she is), but if you’re familiar with old school, this is pretty common.

What makes this a great dirty book isn’t the sex scenes. They’re there, but the language is very pre-erotic romance. Make no mistake, though, this is very, very, very erotic. The way Gabe talks to Maggie is lip-bitingly hot. His approach to sex is very matter-of-factly (he gives his inexperienced heroine the talk, I swear to God) but it works, and you get to see Gabe’s sweet side even before the arrival of Maggie’s daughter, which puts Gabe in DILF territory.

So, which not very dirty, this definitely qualifies for my dirty BOTM based on how many times I had to fan myself while reading.

Before reading this I’d only read one other Diana Palmer book. Now I have all of her books on my wishlist.

(Did I not read a dirty book in May? Geez, I deserve a spanking for that one.)